No Officer/Head Teacher Allows To Speak Loudly with Teachers

The Punjab Govt, School Education Department has issued the official notification on 21st December 2021 in connection with No Officer/Head Teacher Allows To Speak Loudly with Teachers.

No Officer/Head-Teacher Allowed To Speak Loudly or Abuse With staff Members

NO.SO (A-1) 1-31:2021. In pursuance of the decisions taken in the meeting it is decided that no officer head teacher is allowed to speak loudly or abuse to their staff members. If any one found to be indulging in above mentioned negative activity, strict action should be taken against him.

In case of any video or other proof found against any officer, He / She may be punished under PEEDA Act. No excuse shall be rewarded in this regard.

No-Officer-Head-Teacher-Allows-To-Speak-Loudly-with-Teachers -

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